Dine the Ave gives patrons a chance to try local restaurants

From June 17-23, 118 Avenue will be home to a new culinary tour called Dine the Ave. It’s a variation of Eats on 118, put on by the Alberta Avenue Business Association (AABA).

Dine the Ave is a collaborative venture featuring more restaurants than Eats on 118, with people able to visit participating restaurants with special menus ranging between $10 and $20.

Diners can try menus ranging between $10 and $20. | Supplied

“This year, we switched it up. Now it’s called Dine the Ave in that diners can try $10, $15, and $20 special menus from 20 different restaurants. I think this is the largest collaboration we’ve had on Alberta Ave,” explains Jonathan Rivero, chair of the AABA board. Unlike previous years, people are free to explore participating restaurants without needing to pre-purchase tickets.

“[Eats on 118] was really successful. The last three years they had a really good mix of people who knew Alberta Ave, but then also people who visited Alberta Ave for the first time or didn’t quite know it well. And [they] have really showcased restaurants, awesome restaurants, that Alberta Ave has,” says Rivero. “And then they explore more of the Avenue, other than what brought them there in the first place: the festival and then the food.”

Dine the Ave is a great opportunity to explore restaurants in the area. | Supplied

It’s great exposure for the Avenue and an opportunity to try new food.

“We are creatures of habit. Sometimes it takes a festival to get people outside of their comfort zone or get people outside their day-to-day routine and explore new food,” Rivero says. He explains that people need to be exposed to new things, not just food. “You don’t know what you don’t know and then when you experience something, then you can decide, ‘Oh wow! This is actually awesome!’ I find that’s what we do on Alberta Ave with a lot of our festivals,” explains Rivero.

T & D Vietnamese Noodle House participated in Eats on 118 and will also participate in Dine the Ave. “I like to be involved in the community, so I think it’s a good way to get people involved, get our name out there, and hopefully get more people down to the community,” says Laura Truong, owner. Truong says turnout in previous years was a success. “It did get our name out there and there were returning customers. So, it definitely helped. And people who had that stigma coming down [to 118 Ave], I think it helps put them in a group as well.” She says she hopes that Dine the Ave will continue to bring people back.

The hope is that Dine the Ave will bring people back to the area. | Supplied

Siu To, owner of Green Onion Cake Man, will be another restaurant of the tour. “I think, ‘I am part of this 118th Avenue community. I would like any activity and I would like to participate,’ ” says To, adding that the promotion is good for business. Their special menu will include a green onion cake, soup, and two dinner plates for $20.

“I’m just so proud to represent our amazing businesses and I hope that people all over Edmonton can visit Alberta Ave and explore the Ave and meet the incredible business owners. Each one of us has an amazing story and culture,” adds Rivero. “I feel like Edmonton is a richer place to live because of the richness of Alberta Ave.”

For more information, visit: alberta-avenue.com

Featured Image: Dine the Ave will feature 20 restaurants. | Supplied