Musicians of all skill levels can have fun playing this instrument

Alyssa Becker-Burns’ love affair with accordions began a decade ago, and she plans to share her passion with accordion jam sessions at Alberta Avenue Community League.

“It’s for people who are curious and enthusiastic about accordions,” says Becker-Burns.

The Alberta Avenue resident says that 10 years ago, a good friend of hers was taking lessons to learn to play the accordion. The instrument intrigued Becker-Burns, and she had also been listening to a radio station that played a fair bit of accordion music. She called the station and discovered where she might buy a second-hand accordion. Finding a teacher was another matter, so she started to teach herself how to play. Throughout the years, she did end up learning from teachers and played the instrument with friends as well. Now, she’d like to find others to play this unusual instrument with her.

Becker-Burns’ fledgling group, which started on Jan. 15, will bring people of all skill levels together.

“The main idea is to have fun and share enthusiasm for this amazing instrument,” she explains. 

The group will meet every third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm at Alberta Avenue Community League. The club is free to join; people can RSVP by emailing Becker-Burns, or simply show up. 

Group members will need to bring their own instrument, although Becker-Burns does have one extra accordion she can lend to someone during the sessions.

Participants can expect to sit in a circle and share what drew them to the accordion, and then everyone will play some music together. Becker-Burns, who will provide the music, says group members will be encouraged to share any tips or tricks they’ve learned along the way.

Right now, the group is so new that she doesn’t yet have a particular vision for it.

“We’ll see what arises,” she says. “Maybe we’ll have some public performances together.”

The point is simply to have fun.

“As much fun as it is to play on your own, it’s even more fun to play together.”


Every third Wednesday of the month

7:30 pm at Alberta Ave Community League (9210 118 Ave)


Featured Image: Alyssa Becker-Burns (pictured) has been playing the accordion for 10 years. | Supplied