The Winter Engagement Strategy’s goal is to draw people outdoors

Parkdale Cromdale Community League is embracing winter and encouraging others to do the same with its Winter Engagement Strategy.

Kevin Wong, league president, said the strategy started with a conversation.

“A very informal conversation became more solid,” says Wong. “A group of us got together [volunteers and board members] and decided to do it.”

Edmonton is a winter city for several months of the year, but there’s no need to hibernate. “We don’t do enough stuff outside at a community level.”

In January, people can look forward to a few different events.

Using the league rink, the group is planning on hosting a movie night where people can skate and watch a movie at the same time.

A winter block party is also in the works for January. Included will be a fire stove, snacks, drinks, and music. “If it’s not too cold, street games,” says Wong. He’s hoping to hold the block party at night and the idea is to make paper bag lanterns. “We’re hoping to line them up the block to give more flair.”

A Valentine’s Day disco skate is planned on the day of love, so be sure to stay tuned for that event.

Throughout the season, the ongoing barre and yoga classes will be continued “to keep people active in the winter.”

Last year, the league held a number of hygge (pronounced hyoo guh) events. It was fairly informal and involved a walk in Kinnaird Ravine, followed by warm beverages, colouring, socialization, reading, or whatever else participants wished to do. For those unfamiliar with the concept, hygge is a Danish term for  a feeling of contentment or relaxation.  

“We’ll be holding hygge events on a monthly basis as well,” says Wong. “It’s very relaxing and doesn’t require tons of commitment.”

Except for the Valentine’s Day disco skate event, dates are not finalized. Most will likely be held Friday or Saturday nights, but keep an eye on the league’s Facebook page ( and the website ( for details. 

Wong adds, “Anybody is welcome, but we do encourage people to get a membership.”

Featured Image: Parkdale Cromdale Community League will be organizing more hygge events this winter. | Talea Medynski