Creating things is a great way to learn about culture and science


Students at Norwood Elementary do a great job of making things from kindergarten all the way up to Grade 6. Here are some examples of students using hands-on learning experiences. 

Beading is a traditional First Nations skill we are learning about in French class. | Norwood Newspaper Club
In kindergarten, students play with objects like jewels in sand using sensory exploration to increase their motor skills. | Norwood Newspaper Club
In Science, Grade 5 students used wires, lightbulbs, cardboard tubes, and a battery to make a flashlight with a paper clip switch. You need to have a complete circuit for it to work! | Norwood Newspaper Club

Norwood Newspaper Club was formed by Ms. Rickards as a way to have members of her Grade 5 class at Norwood Elementary School learn about being journalists.

Featured Image: To learn about mechanisms and vehicles that move, Grade 4 students created cars out of tin cans. | Norwood Newspaper Club