In our neighbourhoods, we have a variety of city-funded public art as well as neighbourhood art. People have strong feelings about this kind of art in their community, but whether you love it, hate it, or feel ambivalent about it, public and neighbourhood art makes a community stand out and inspires conversation.

This vibrant mural is painted on the side of Retrospect Hair Salon at 9126 122 Ave. | Kate Wilson
When walking by 12106 90 St, take a moment to look at this unique dreamcatcher on the side of the building. | Kate Wilson
These sports figures on 118 Avenue and 93 Street are set to remain until 2020. Although there is no plan to remove the figures at that point, community members can request they be removed at that time. | Talea Medynski
The bat is an interactive public art installation on 118 Avenue and 97 Street. Like the sports figurines, it is up until 2020, although there is no plan to remove it at that point. | Talea Medynski
These sports figures are located in the park in the centre of the traffic circle on 118 Avenue. | Talea Medynski
Several carved benches are placed along 118 Avenue. | Talea Medynski
One of the newest murals in our community was created by Relfy, an artist from Victoria, during Rust Magic 2017. | Rebecca Lippiatt
This mosaic can be seen at the ATB Financial Building on 118 Ave and 88 St. | Kate Wilson