The ARTery is reborn as The Aviary

Owners Philip (pictured) and Mark Muz hope to open The Aviary this spring at 9314 111 Ave. The Aviary is an all-ages arts venue and café with space for about 100 people. You can help by buying Aviary Victory Bonds for $20 or attending their fundraiser concert at Studio96 on March 5. Details at Look for a full article on The Aviary soon.

Dave Von Bieker

Dave Von Bieker writes essays, poems and songs that hold a magnifying glass to the Sacred small. He looks for beauty everywhere and is awestruck at how often he finds it. His reflections on art, faith, and technology ask questions about what it means to be a slow, attentive human in a world of fast, distracting machines.

He holds a Bachelor of Theology Degree and is Artistic Director of the Bleeding Heart Art Space. He lives in inner city Edmonton with his wife, two children and a small dog who is most certainly not a cat.
Dave Von Bieker

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