“There are a lot of different dynamics in this neighbourhood. Being in a neighbourhood like this [means] the kids see downtown life. I think it’s good exposure for them, rather than being out where there isn’t as much diversity. It’s good for us, too.”

“We’re trying to teach the kids that you don’t have to have ideas of certain neighbourhoods in Edmonton. When you come here fresh, you can have a different perspective.

The kids do really well with the iced tea stands on the corner. I had to get used to letting them go—at first they were out front, then they moved down to the corner where they make a lot more money.” —Stephanie & Nathan

“In a hundred years, I think that the houses here will be made out of rubber bubbles and we would just bounce everywhere. I think the park will be expanded. There will be cobblestone streets and we’ll be riding horses.” —Anya

“No, I think there’ll be flying things. Like spaceships or jetpacks.” —Nina