Alberta Avenue, known for arts and revitalization, also has beautiful yards and gardens. Follow along on a tour of this charming neighbourhood.

IMG 1 AbAveCommLeague TMedynski

9210 – 118 Avenue: Begin at Alberta Avenue Community League, a hub of community events.

117 Ave 96 Street: Third from the end of the block is this gorgeous house and yard.

IMG 3 RutherfordResidence AbAveTour TMedynski (2)

At the corner of 117 Ave and 96 Street is the 1927-built clinker brick Rutherford residence.

11638 – 96 Street: Owners Loralea and Gary are part of Edmonton Horticultural Society and on the Yards in Bloom judging committee. Highlights of the 1910 house include a stunning front yard and a sour cherry tree and John Cabot climbing roses in the back yard.

11635 – 95a street: Shelaine Sparrow saved this 1912-built home from being condemned. She renovated it and installed a spiral garden in her front yard. She also participated in Animate the Avenue Alleys, so check the alley.

11545 – 95a Street: Owned by artists Stuart Ballah and Ritchie Velthuis, Ballah’s family built the house in 1909. Ballah and Velthuis began transforming the yard 20 years ago when a juniper tree died. Look for the bust of Queen Elizabeth.

115 Ave 95a street: Stop to see the alley art painted on a garage, completed during Animate the Avenue Alleys.

IMG 8 11530 95a St AbAveTour TMedynski

11530 – 95a street: The Haight/McTaggart residence is a heritage home. John Lawson Haight and Kate Laycock owned the home until 1925. Then, the McTaggarts owned the home for 52 years.

IMG 10 11608 92 St (Option 3) AbAveTour TMedynski

11608 – 92 street: Owners Andrea and Brent Ruelling transformed the front yard over several years. Last year, Brent built two self-watering raised garden beds. They also practice companion gardening and lasagna gardening.

IMG 9 116 Ave 92 St (Option 2) AbAveTour TMedynski

Next to the Ruelling home is a stately old home with beautiful flowers. (Since this photo was taken, this house has gotten a beautiful new paint job).

IMG 11 115 Ave 92 Street AbAveTour TMedynskiEnd at the corner of 115 Avenue 92 street to see this home bordered by roses, trees, and flowers.

All photos credited to Talea Medynski