Parkdale Cromdale Community League to host Mother’s Day event

Mothers give and sacrifice so much for the ones they love, so Parkdale Cromdale Community League is giving back with a Mother’s Day potluck brunch and plant/seed swap.

I sat down with the Grower’s Dozen Community Garden event planning committee Marina Fata, Sarah Dotimas, and Sarah De Lano to hear what they have planned.

The potluck brunch takes place on Sunday, May 12 at 11:30 am at Parkdale Cromdale Community League. This potluck will be the first Mother’s Day brunch at the league and will serve as the kickoff for a series of summertime brunches hosted by the garden committee.

The idea is that community members bring their favourite dishes to share them with the other people in attendance.

Dotimas says, “Marina had the great idea of people bringing their recipes along with their dish to share, just in case somebody wanted to make it at home.”  

The recipes would also help with any allergy concerns. Fata says she hopes that “by the end, people will have a little recipe book” put together from all the summer brunches.

The event and food are free, but they will be selling $2 mimosas.

Mothers will not go home empty handed, either. Children at the event can get in the planting spirit by making their mothers a gift.  

De Lano says, “We are going to build some little planters. They are going to be made out of ice cream cones so that they are fully biodegradable.” The planters will decompose and help to provide nutrients as the plants grow.

As part of the event, organizers are also planning a plant swap. This idea was brought to the group by garden club member Elvis Pineda. The swap is meant to focus on helping people get rid of some of their extra starter plants. It will also give attendees the chance to bring home something new for their garden. People are encouraged to bring any of their leftover seeds and swap them as well.

In addition, those who purchased a rain barrel from the community garden’s rain barrel fundraiser can pick up their barrels at the event. Funds from the sale of the rain barrels will go to the expansion of the community garden. Each barrel is priced between $70 and $90. The barrels come with all the accessories, including a leaf and mosquito screen, a spigot/tap, and an overflow adaptor and hose. The barrels can be purchased until May 2 at


Sunday, May 12 at 11:30 am

Bring your favourite dish with the recipe.

Parkdale Cromdale Community League

11335 85 Street

Featured Image: Parkdale Cromdale’s potluck brunch and plant/seed swap will include planters in biodegradable ice cream cones. | Supplied