From interesting houses and beautiful yards to a ravine and river valley oasis, you will find it all in Parkdale-Cromdale. As I walk, cycle, or drive through our mature neighbourhood, I’m thankful I don’t live in a cookie-cutter treeless suburb.

Below are two different walking tours, one of Parkdale and one of Cromdale/Viewpoint (with lots of pictures!).

Parkdale Walking Tour


At 85 Street and 113 Avenue is the league’s beautiful mosaic mural created by the community.

83_84 St and 113_114 Ave

This garage mural is in the alley of 83-84 Street and 113-114 Avenue.

A neat house hides behind spruce trees east of the bus. Turn around on 115 Avenue and 82 Street.

85 St and 115 Ave Veteran Electronics

At 85 Street and 113 Avenue is Veteran Repair Shop and its retro sign.

85 st and 116 Ave Tree

Go past the huge knotted tree on the corner of 85 Street and 116 Avenue. 

Parkdale Garage Suite_KarenMykietka (3)

The corner of 86 Street and 117 Avenue has a garage with a suite.

Along 87 Street and 115 Avenue are beautiful gardens and boulevard plantings.

88 St and 115 Ave lovely yard veranda

A nicely done front yard on 88 St and 115 Ave.

88 St and 114 Ave forest front yard

Here’s a natural front yard oasis with the house set back near the alley on 88 Street and 114 Avenue in the middle of the block.

Next is Keith Walker’s glass studio in his unique garage in the alley of 88-89 Street between 113-114 Avenue.

89 St and 115 Ave Rodeo Drive

Need lingerie? Stop by Rodeo Drive 11528 89 Street.

See a cool fence on the corner of 89 Street and 116 Avenue. (Pictured above are several nice fences in the area).

88 St and 116 Ave back yard garden

The northeast corner of 88 Street and 116 Avenue has an awesome backyard garden. You may see Birmingham roller pigeons in the cage-like wooden box protruding from the garage.

Cromdale/Viewpoint Walking Tour

Head south down 82 Street past Save-On-Foods and across Kinnaird (aka Rat Creek) bridge to Sheriff Robertson Park.

Kinnaird Ravine entrrance

In the park is a forked sidewalk. One path takes you to the playground, the other into the ravine. Take the ravine walk to feel like you left the city. Enjoy the murals on the trail walls.

IMG 2 Ravine murals JacobBoos

Just past the playground is Viewpoint, a small peaceful and historical neighbourhood sandwiched between the ravine and the river valley.

Kinnaird 7824 Jasper-2

The oldest house is 7824 Jasper Avenue, built in 1907 and owned by Robert S. Robertson, Edmonton’s first sheriff.

Kinnaird Park entrance


Kinnaird Park past no exit sign

Don’t miss Kinnaird Park at the end of Jasper Avenue, where the road ends at 77 Street. Take the sidewalk and continue past the “No Exit” sign to find green space and river valley views.

Kinnaird Park view

All photos credited to Karen Mykietka.