A community newspaper is an important element in building a vibrant community. It provides information, a forum where ideas can be shared, and celebrates successes. While we want to ensure all residents in the Rat Creek Press neighbourhoods have access to this fantastic resource, it takes a lot of people power and money to get this newspaper to your door. Keeping operations in the black is a challenge. 

We are grateful to the many people who have stepped up to support us through donations. However, it is still quite likely that in the fall we will have to reduce expenses. Significant savings could be made by stopping delivery of the paper to apartment buildings. Having good information is important in decision making. Please take a couple of minutes to complete our reader survey (bit.ly/RCPreader). You will be entered into a draw for $100 cash!

We publish regular articles online between print issues. Some articles only run online. I encourage you to follow us on Facebook and subscribe to eNews (bit.ly/2Rt4ELU) so that you don’t miss out on great stories.

We also have many opportunities (timecounts.org/rat-creek-press) where you can help out. Choose a one-off volunteer commitment like working a bingo (June 26) or casino (Dec 11-12), submit a photo for our online Snips & Snaps or 2023 calendar, share a slice of life or opinion article, or become a regular contributor. 

We hope you find time to read and enjoy the many great stories we share, whether in print or online.