How and why to join the board of this local community paper

I saw my place on the RCP board at our last Annual General Meeting (AGM). I didn’t intend on joining, but as I listened to the previous community director talk about her work in having the recognition of Treaty 6 territory put in the paper, I was inspired. I was concerned about how much of a responsibility it would be and I was scared of trying something new. Yet once I started thinking about the act of recognizing the territory and how that made me feel to see a part of my Métis heritage represented, I saw the power of the Rat Creek Press to represent the diversity of our communities. When I became a director, I did it to have the Rat Creek Press better represent our diverse communities by cultivating space for the voices of diverse people. 

RCP board members at last year’s AGM, which was also the paper’s 20th anniversary. From left to right: Mariam Masud, Joe Wong, Virginia Potkins, George Crawford, Steven Townsend, and Sarah Dotimas. | Rebecca Lippiatt

This last year, I have come to realize we have an amazing team of writers, photographers, and illustrators supported by our editor and publisher. We have brilliant, vibrant, and active communities to write for and about. These communities support us, too. They volunteer, share their spaces, and advertise with us. 

However, we currently have only half the board members needed, with vacancies in vital roles. This has made it difficult for us to support our publisher, editor, the rest of our team, and the communities we serve to the degree they deserve. Likewise, our lack of board members means we are not representative of all the communities and people we are trying to serve. We simply don’t have the perspectives and voices present in our meetings. 

Last year’s AGM was also a celebration of RCP’s 20th anniversary. | Rebecca Lippiatt

Luckily, our AGM is on Nov. 25 and we have several positions open, including vice-chair, volunteer coordinator, secretary, and several director positions. Despite all the talk of titles, it really comes down to one meeting a month and any time, knowledge, perspectives, or skills you are willing or able to share. To join the board, all you need is to live in one of the seven communities we serve and complete the brief questionnaire through or the link on the Board & Staff page at 

Karen Mykietka, publisher (left), and Talea Medynski, editor (right), at last year’s AGM. | Rebecca Lippiatt

My story about finding my place on the board is not unique. Most of us take part in an AGM and are inspired to join, or we see a specific task that matches our skills. But even if you don’t see that or experience the feeling that I did, the AGM is an opportunity to learn about the paper and our challenges, goals, plans, and the people and communities that make it possible.Please join us on Nov. 25 for our AGM, and if you are inclined to help support the growth of  strong, vibrant, well-connected communities, consider joining the board.


Nov. 25

7-8 pm, online

Info, registration, and meeting link:

Featured Image: RCP board members from last year’s AGM from left to right: Joe Wong, Virginia Potkins, Steven Townsend, George Crawford, Sarah Dotimas, and Mariam Masud. | Rebecca Lippiatt