Last month, the mainstream media ran a story on problem properties in our community. Rather than report on a positive community event, a local business, an interesting resident, or a local initiative, the media focused on the negative.

This is the reason I started producing Rat Creek Press (RCP): to shift the focus and share the positives.

After nineteen years, I still believe a local newspaper is important and much needed.

I hope you do, too. Now, more than ever, the RCP needs your help to survive.

The truth is that the future of the RCP is in jeopardy. From more contributors to a new editor, we desperately need you.

Everyone has a story, a passion, or an opinion they can share. We need a greater pool of writers able to take on assignments covering community events and issues. Many of our contributors are aspiring local writers or journalism students. Why not join them? You can see your name in print, even if it’s only once!

Writing for the RCP is a great opportunity to get published and get paid. Become an RCP member for $36 annually and earn a $50 honorarium per assignment. And not just writing assignments—we also often need photographers or illustrators.

But above all, we need a new editor. Our longtime editor, the talented Talea Medynski, moved on to a new job in June. Her presence is sorely missed.

As the publisher, I’ve taken over Talea’s duties, tapping freelance editors for help. The current situation is exhausting as I continue to do my other jobs. The RCP urgently needs a new editor, or perhaps an editorial team. Payment is part of the package.

I would also be happy to pass my publishing duties on to someone else while providing transitional support. A small salary is included. A new publisher could tackle future challenges, such as whether the RCP continues as a print plus online publication, or simply online. The operating structure of the RCP could also be changed to make its future more viable.

Above all, it’s important that RCP have leadership from a person or persons who live in the area.

The structure will depend on who comes to the table: neighbourhood ambassadors who are engaged in the community, writers and reporters, and people with editing, advertising, graphic design, social media, and website-building experience, among other talents. The RCP is looking for you.

Without enough interest or human resources, the RCP may stop publishing. 

So much opportunity exists. We need to hear from anyone willing and able to be involved.

Contact me and let’s have a chat. Email:

On Wednesday, October 11, at 7 p.m., the RCP will hold its AGM to discuss and plan for the future. Please mark your calendar today. We invite everyone to turn out and share their thoughts at the Alberta Avenue Community League hall. Consider becoming a board member to ensure the continuation of our newspaper. Share your expertise at the board’s monthly meeting and enjoy being part of the team.

Please take our quick reader survey We need to hear from you. Five minutes may make all the difference to RCP’s future.