Enjoy a relaxing end to your week by taking a free meditation class on Saturday evenings at the Land of Compassion Buddha Temple.

Glen McLean, a volunteer who is temporarily teaching the class, explained anyone can participate and no experience is required.

Glen McLean (third from the left) is a volunteer who is temporarily leading the meditation classes. | Talea Medynski

“It’s a very simple meditation, a very generic meditation based on breath. It’s a meditation successful by anyone,” said McLean. “It’s good, universal, and very simple to access.”

He explained the meditation is not religious-based, although participants are welcome to arrive early at 6:30 pm to learn about Buddhism. The guided meditation begins at 7 pm with an introduction at the beginning of the class. Participants start by taking a meditative walk to help wind down, then sit down on provided cushions and begin the class.

“It goes for 45 minutes and is broken into two segments as that’s a long time for beginners,” McLean explained. “[Participants] can move into any position that’s comfortable for them. It makes it very accessible.”

McLean, a senior citizen and a Buddhist, said he’s been practicing meditation since he was 20 years old and that meditation is like any other skill.

“As you learn, you will improve. It takes quite a bit of practice.”

He explained meditation has more benefits than relaxation.

“It will address your personal life and your emotional life.”

The classes started a few months ago and the temple itself is only three years old. In fact, Land of Compassion Buddha Temple is one of two Tibetan temples in the city and belongs to the Galupa order, which is the same order to which the Dalai Lama belongs.

“He’s a sort of teacher for us. We follow his teaching within Buddhism,” said McLean, and added, “We’re not asking you to join or become a member of our religion.”

The temple doesn’t charge for any activities, although they accept donations.

Classes operate on a drop-in basis, although if you want more information, you can contact McLean ahead of time.

“We live at such a hectic pace and in such a fast-paced world we almost need to meditate,” said McLean.


Free, drop-in class

Saturdays, 7 pm

Land of Compassion Buddha Temple

9352 106A Ave


Featured Image: The Land of Compassion Buddha Temple is three years old. | Talea Medynski