Lion statues can be found on the grounds of local homes

On my evening walks in and around Alberta Avenue, I meet dogs, cats, magpies, crows, blue jays, and even the occasional jackrabbit. But lions? 

Once I saw one, I started seeing lions everywhere. Cast from concrete, patinated or painted, no two have aged the same. Nor do they have the same manners. Some give a kindly greeting, claws withdrawn, but its paw is assertively planted atop a heraldic shield. Some eye me warily; I am sure I hear a low growl to keep me walking on by. And then there are the ones that roar their warnings, lest troublemakers even think to breach the gates they guard. 

Since July, I have discovered 11 lion pairs, dutifully observing the streets outside their yards. Are other neighbourhoods so lucky? I wonder how many more I will find!

Featured Image: A lion basks in the sun on a warm day. | Alyssa Becker-Burns