Please submit all ad bookings and artwork (high quality pdf preferred) to [email protected] or call 780-479-6285 for more information.

Ad SizeWidth in inchesHeight in inchesFull color price
Full page9.2515$950
1/2 page9.257.25$500
1/3 page9.255$325
1/4 page4.57.25$250
1/6 page9.252.25$150
1/8 page4.53.5$125
1/16 page4.51.75$75

Non-profit discount: 15%

Black & white ads: less 20%

Front page banner: 1/6 page full color $250


July/Aug: delivered July 12-14. Ad copy by July 4.
Sept: delivered Aug 30-Sept 1. Ad copy by Aug 21.
Oct: delivered Sept 27-29. Ad copy by Sept 18.
Nov: delivered Nov 1-3. Ad copy Oct 23.


11, 700 copies of the paper are delivered by Canada Post to all houses, apartments*, and businesses in seven neighbourhoods** including those with no unaddressed mail notices. For the most part, delivery begins on the last Wednesday of the month and takes 3 days.

*Apartment delivery was suspended starting October 2022. We hope to receive grant funding to reinstate it in the near future.
**Alberta Avenue, Delton, Eastwood, Elmwood Park, Parkdale-Cromdale, Spruce Avenue and Westwood.

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