Who we are

The Rat Creek Press is a not-for-profit community newspaper in north central Edmonton that serves the communities of Alberta Avenue, Cromdale, Delton, Eastwood, Elmwood Park, Parkdale, Spruce Avenue, and Westwood.

The opinions expressed in the paper are those of the people named as authors of the articles and do not necessarily reflect those of the board or staff.

Rat Creek Press Association Bylaws

What we do

The Rat Creek Press showcases what makes north central Edmonton an incredible place to live, work, play, and shop.

We share local stories of neighbourhood diversity, hardworking organizations, independent businesses, interesting residents, historical buildings, and the amazing festivals and events that bring our community together.

As an inclusive, community-focused newspaper, we encourage our residents and local groups to contribute their stories, ideas, and creative content. We also strive to reflect what makes our neighbourhoods great while still addressing key issues facing our community.


To highlight community news, activities, and recreational opportunities, as well as local residents and businesses, to support the growth of a strong, vibrant, well-connected community.


Build community

We want residents in North Central Edmonton to know what is happening in their community, to feel connected to their local institutions, and be acquainted with and support their local businesses. We hope our work will lead to increased ownership, participation and interest in the community.

Encourage communication

We want to provide a forum where information and ideas can be exchanged.

Increase capacity

We want to help individuals learn new skills or acquire experience by participating in the production of the newspaper. We also want to add to the community as a whole by increasing participation and leadership of local residents.

History: Why is this newspaper called “Rat Creek Press”?

Several local organizations began a newsletter in May of 1999. They decided to run historical stories on the front page, and in keeping with this, the founders chose a historical name—Rat Creek—for the newsletter. In 2004, the newsletter was recreated as a community newspaper. Rat Creek Press Association was incorporated as a non-profit in September of 2005.

Rat Creek was once part of a larger water system in this area and was fed by sloughs and wetlands upland and ran downstream into the North Saskatchewan River. The creek ran where Norwood Boulevard runs today through the Kinnaird Ravine to the river. Local trappers called it Rat Creek for the muskrat living along its reaches.

When Norwood School was built in 1909, some students had to cross the creek to get to the school. As the city developed, parts of the ravine and creek were used as a dump. The creek was filled in by land developers McDougall & Secord in an attempt to modernize the area. The Kinnaird Bridge on 82 Street between 111 and 112 Avenues spans what remains of Rat Creek.


Copyright of articles, letters, photographs, and other online materials submitted and published by the Rat Creek Press in print or online remains with the author, but the Rat Creek Press may freely reproduce them in print, electronic and other forms.


The paper is delivered by Canada Post to all houses, apartments, and businesses in the seven neighbourhoods listed above including those with no unaddressed mail notices. For the most part, delivery begins on the last Wednesday of the month.


Show your love by becoming an RCP member!

Membership Perks:

  • Invitations to provide editorial & design input.
  • Opportunity to take on assignments like contributor or photographer.
  • Attend board meetings.
  • Join committees.
  • Speak & vote at Annual General and Special meetings.
  • Attend member events.

You must be:

  • 13 years of age or older
  • live or work in one of the RCP neighbourhoods OR
  • a business owner or representative of a group operating in the RCP area OR
  • volunteer of a group operating in the RCP area

Complete a membership application & send $36 via the Support Us page or eTransfer to [email protected] (or sign up for a monthly donation of $3).

The membership year is the calendar year. Memberships bought in November or December are active immediately and good until the end of the following year.


  • Constance Brissenden, Chair
  • Victoria Stevens, Vice-chair
  • Kevin Blakeman, Secretary
  • Derek Quittenton, Treasurer
  • Shauna Letendre

Contact: [email protected]

Apply to join the board.



The Rat Creek Press is produced with the talent of freelance writers, editors, photographers, and illustrators.

Apply to be a contributor. Contributors receive regular calls for writing assignments and pitches.

You are welcome to submit unsolicited material; however, it is preferable you contact us to discuss your story ideas first.

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