The Language Assessment, Referral, and Counselling Centre (LARCC) of Catholic Social Services offers a variety of free services for newcomers. We can help you improve your English, pursue further education, and find success in Canada.

Your first step is to take a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) English test. This test is widely accepted for applications to English classes, academic upgrading, career training programs, and even some colleges and universities.

After your test, we can provide referrals to English classes and other educational opportunities. You can also meet individually with an educational counsellor to discuss your career goals and learn more about post-secondary education or short-term career training programs.

Post-secondary education refers to any education beyond the high school level, such as college or university. This encompasses a wide variety of programs ranging from certificates that can be completed in a few months to degrees that require several years of study. 

Having a post-secondary education provides increased opportunities for higher-paying and higher-skilled jobs. While any form of education can be beneficial, many employers seek out candidates with Canadian education and/or experience.

When applying to a college or university in Canada, you will likely be asked to submit proof of English language proficiency and documentation of your previous education. Then, you might be asked to take English as a Second Language (ESL) classes or upgrade certain high school courses through academic upgrading. Once these requirements are met, you can begin your studies.

Or you may choose to pursue a short-term career training program. These programs exist in many different fields. While some career training programs prepare you for an entry-level job in a new career field, others are meant to help you re-enter your professional field from your home country by providing Canadian work experience and training. Program length varies from a few weeks to a few months, and many programs are free or eligible for government funding.

For newcomers with significant education and work experience, there are other ways to build your career and find success in Canada. We might recommend you do an assessment of your international credentials, participate in a professional mentorship program, or gain Canadian experience through a meaningful volunteer position.

Each individual is unique and there are many different paths to success. For some, this means re-entering the profession you held in your home country. For others, success is about pursuing a new career path and finding gainful employment. Once we have assessed your level of English, we can provide personalized advice and referrals based on your educational background and career goals.

Attend one of our online information sessions to learn more about careers and employment, education and student financing, language tests, and more. Register for free at 

We are currently offering both online and in-person services. In-person services are available at 8212 118 Ave, by appointment only. All services are free for permanent residents, Convention refugees, and Canadian citizens.

To book an English test and/or educational counselling, visit or call 780.424.3545.