Community is built one connection and friendship at a time. One thing I’m mindful about is that while I’m quite outgoing, not everyone is. Part of my “job” in the community is facilitating connections. I love it. I’ve been immeasurably enriched, and I’d like to think my friends have been enriched as well.

I was riding the bus home with another local resident and got to introduce her to my co-worker/classmate Ben who also lives in our neighbourhood. Turns out he lives close to another workmate/friend (and her husband) for whom I’ve babysat. We’re all within blocks of each other! Yeah!

Making the most of serendipity is helpful and can’t be stressed enough! I know it, I do it, and it works.

Susan lives, creates, socializes, shops, and volunteers in the “United Nations” of Edmonton—Alberta Avenue. “We believe in 118” is not just a slogan for her, it’s a way of life.