Although the Edmonton municipal election isn’t scheduled until Oct. 16, some candidates have already announced their intentions to run in Ward 7 and Ward 2.

Coun. Tony Caterina will once again be running for Ward 7. | Supplied

“I’m looking forward to it, I’m certainly excited about it,” said Ward 7 Coun. Tony Caterina.

Caterina said he is running again and there are initiatives he wants to see through, like the Norwood Boulevard corridor, repurposing of Northlands, completion of Borden Park, and Stadium Transit Oriented Development (TOD).

Caterina said he plans to keep addressing safety and security of the Coliseum and Stadium LRT stations by adding more security officers. Another focus is infill and neighbourhood growth. Caterina said some election issues may involve safety and policing, Northlands’ future, neighbourhood renewal, and development of a new transit garage along Fort Road.

Mimi Williams, a consultant, announced her intention to run on Feb. 12. | Abdul Malik

Mimi Williams, a consultant, declared her intention to run for council on Feb. 12.

“I’ve lived in or around Ward 7 since ‘94. I’ve watched us grow, watched us take setbacks. I believe the residents of this ward deserve someone who lives in the community and hears them,” said Williams.

Williams said she plans to focus on openness, transparency, and accountability.

“I’m concerned there’s been a lack of transparency in city hall,” she said.

Another issue is Northlands’ future.

“I believe Northlands has been a good neighbour and an important part of our community. I want to make sure the communities surrounding Northlands have a strong voice on city council.”

Williams also discussed having more women on city council and said out of 265 people who’ve served on council, 29 have been women and three have been non-Caucasian.

“Overall, it’s important for all of us to see ourselves in our democratic institution,” she said.

Kris Andreychuk, a supervisor for NET and community safety, will be running for Ward 7. | Arda Ozum

Kris Andreychuk is a supervisor of community safety for the city and a supervisor of NET (Neighbourhood Empowerment Team) social workers. In addition to working in the 118 Avenue area, he lives in the community.

Andreychuk said he wants to focus on crime prevention, social justice, and representation.

Andreychuk added [he’d] “like to do a lot of things, and they all start with listening.” He explained some people in the ward have said they want more small businesses and tighter bylaws to “discourage absentee landlords and derelict housing.”

He explained Ward 7 communities may have issues, but they also have potential.

“There’s lots to be proud of, but that pride needs to be put to work in order to bring this to life.”

Coun. Bev Esslinger is planning to run again for Ward 2. | Supplied

In Ward 2, Coun. Bev Esslinger said she is planning on running. She said she’s feeling positive about the upcoming election and is encouraging more women to run.

Esslinger said some of her focuses include traffic safety, lobbying for a northwest LRT line, and the Blatchford redevelopment.

“We’re creating a very green community and transforming the land into a great development,” said Esslinger.

She said some election issues may include densification of mature neighbourhoods and traffic and safety.

Shelley Tupper is also running for Ward 2, but wasn’t reached in time for publication.

Candidates have until Sept. 18 to file their intentions to run for council.

Header Image: Mimi Williams, a consultant, announced her intention to run on Feb. 12. | Abdul Malik