Concerns about Northlands’ new vision Letter to the editor

The Northlands Park Vision 2020, particularly the outdoor concert space they are planning, will affect the horse racing community and people that live and work at the racetrack. This is a place that is more than an industry. It is a family, a way of life, and more importantly, a historic place that has been functioning in this city for over 100 years, 30 of mine.

My neighbourhood deals with issues like noise and parking. Patrons from Northlands Park currently do not respect the neighbourhood and the parking laws within it. If they intend to hold concerts/festivals that have an attendance of upward of 140,000 people, just think of the issues that will come with this type of traffic.

I hope to see in the next issue some information on how this will affect the communities that surround Northlands Park.

April Welch
A concerned resident and horse racing advocate

One thought on “Concerns about Northlands’ new vision Letter to the editor

  1. I am also concerned about racing patrons. Many have supported the track for decades. They are often older folk, in the off season having their free coffees in the casino, watching racing on monitors, sharing opinions and laughs. Where are they going to go to socialize and share a common interest in racing?

    Big racing days at the track are packed. All ages, from children to seniors. Where will they go where there is free parking, no entry fee? The sun shines, sets, music plays, bbq burgers, winners and losers after a race exulting or groaning?

    Why is it that these patrons mean so little to the City of Edmonton and Northlands? I will miss my local hangout. Please don’t kill the track.
    Constance Brissenden
    Northlands neighbour

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