Front Porch Series is a safe way to connect with your neighbours

The Front Porch Series has been a part of Kaleido Festival for a number of years now, but Kaleido On Tour organizers are taking a different approach with it this summer. 

Christy Morin, artistic director of Kaleido On Tour, explains that with the pandemic, this year is of course going to be different and planning safe activities is a bit of a challenge.

“What are things that we can do this summer that are Kaleido-esque and that respects social distancing?” she posed.

An musician performs at a previous Front Porch Series. | Epic Photography

That’s where the Front Porch Series comes in. These performances have always taken place on residents’ front porches, verandas, or driveways. 

“Our housing stock is very unique,” says Morin. “People donated their porches and verandas.”

Scott Putnam, a summer student who is organizing the performances, added, “People felt like they were part of the festival experience.”

From mid-June until September, neighbourhood residents will be the lucky ones to enjoy live music.

Safety and health guidelines will be ensured with signage and agreements sent out to neighbours for residents to stay on their own property during the performance.

“This is just for neighbours,” says Morin. “Neighbours need to be notified. It’s very much a block by block initiative.”

Putnam co-owns Cheshire Productions and is the founder of Get Away Gigs, and he has organized many of these kinds of performances.

Front Porch Series will still entertain while following health guidelines. | Epic Photography

“People take [safety] quite seriously,” he says, confident that people will respect the guidelines put in place.

Two or three performances are booked already, but more artists and places to perform are needed. Residents can donate the use of their porches, verandas, driveways, or back alleys. Eligible homes are in the area from NAIT to Northlands and Yellowhead to 111 Avenue.

Residents will be in for a treat with the performances. 

“There will be a pretty wide range of music, a wide variety of genres,” says Putnam. “Folk, jazz, blues, pop, etc.”

Performances are booked depending on the availability of the musician and the homeowner or renter. 

“Once it’s booked, we send out a neighbourhood agreement,” says Putnam. 

Morin adds, “I think the blocks will love it. We want to keep that vibe going to bring live music to our neighbourhoods. It’s a way to connect with your neighbours when opportunities are pretty scarce.”

If you’re a musician or if you’re interested in donating your porch, veranda, back alley, or driveway, email Putnam at

Featured Image: Front Porch Series will be taking place all summer in area neighbourhoods. | Epic Photography