Kaye Ly, a photographer who also wants to work as a community coordinator, created 1,001 Community Cranes, her first art installation for Bleeding Heart Art Space. The installation welcomed guests to the new space on the second floor of 9140 118 Avenue.

Kaye Ly held workshops demonstrating how to make origami cranes. | Supplied

“An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish,” said Ly. “I held some workshops in the community to show people how to make origami cranes and with their help, as well as a lot of help from my friends, we created this!”

Ly said she created the installation because the gallery “[gave] me the opportunity to explore my hidden artist soul. My wish is to have more ppl come to discover the space and perhaps find their own artist soul.”

Take a string of cranes home by donating what you can to Bleeding Heart Art Space. For more information, visit https://bleedingheartart.space/.

Featured Image: Kaye Ly helped create 1,001 origami cranes for Bleeding Heart Art Space. | Supplied