Morgan Wolf, an Elmwood Park resident and proud Métis business owner, opened her fur-bulous new business, Priscilla’s Pet Emporium & Parlour, in the Delton area on June 1.

The business is named after Wolf’s two-year-old Italian Greyhound, Priscilla. “I’m often referred to by Priscilla,” says Wolf, “and I take it as a compliment cause she’s darn cute!” 

Morgan Wolf and her two-year-old Italian Greyhound, Priscilla. | Morgan Wolf

Priscilla’s Pet Emporium & Parlour offers a large variety of pet products, including kibble, supplements, raw food, and pet accessories like leashes, toys, and beds. The beds and embroidered blankets are handmade by Wolf herself.

Wolf previously ran an animal care facility on the south side, caring for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, snakes, and more. “One of the biggest challenges I found was people were really limited by their financial means when it [came] to feeding,” says Wolf. Owners would get shots and grooming for their pets, but were left buying whatever inexpensive pet food they could find on grocery store shelves. “So that pained me more than anything to see,” she says, “because a lot of the times it was [lack of education] that made people decide that, and the other thing was finances.”

The absence of pet nutrition stores in Delton, Eastwood, Elmwood Park, or Alberta Avenue also encouraged Wolf to open her business. Her goal with Priscilla’s is to provide easy access to pet supplies within the community, and she is committed to providing nutritional pet food at a reasonable cost. “We can offer you nutrition and a better-balanced bowl, keeping within your financial means,” says Wolf. “Longer lives, healthier coats, healthier teeth; who doesn’t want more animals in the world, right?” You can switch your pet to a new food altogether or add toppers or mix-ins to their bowl.

Priscilla’s carries many Canadian brands like Nutram, Honest Kitchen, and Bold by Nature, but Wolf also strives to support local Edmonton businesses by stocking their products in her store. All the brands are based out of North America if Edmonton businesses don’t carry the products she wants. “It’s really easy to get the cheap product from overseas,” says Wolf. “But when you get that, you’re not sure about the health benefits.”

The business also offers force-free grooming services with no aversive techniques, fear-based decisions, or negative consequences. It’s the pets that lead the groom, explains Wolf. Priscilla’s is also kennel-free and open-concept, so if owners want to watch their pet being groomed, they are welcome to stay. 

Caylyn Forsberg, the groomer at Priscilla’s, brushes Gabby, her seven-year-old standard poodle. | Mya Colwell

The support from the community has been nothing short of positive. “We have had so much community support online, and in person,” she says. “I have about triple the support… having a business in my neighbourhood than I did across the river.” She even had a visit from MP Kerry Diotte, who gave her a certificate for her business. 

“These [pets] are people’s babies,” Wolf says, “and that’s what’s so important.” She would never go up to a customer and ask “What’s your feline’s name?” Instead, Wolf asks, “What’s your baby’s name? What does your baby like?… Does your baby swat you in the face when you’re not paying attention? So does mine. He’s an idiot, but these are our kids!” But she adds that “[pets are] more than just a thing: they’re a little beating heart, and that’s how I see it. That’s how my groomer sees it… that’s how we want to base ourselves.”

Priscilla’s is located at 8207 127 Ave and is open six days a week. Visit Priscilla’s Pet Emporium website for more information.