There are many Instagrammable walls in Edmonton. These are walls that catch your eye, that have a pleasing aesthetic, and that photograph well for social media.  

Instagrammable walls can be mural or graffiti walls, brightly-coloured walls, interesting texture walls, you name it. These interesting walls add to the beauty of a city and can attract people to a location that might otherwise not be frequented.

Or—these walls can surprise you. You might have walked or driven by these walls many times, but didn’t notice its Instagrammable quality. You might turn a corner and find an Instagrammable wall in the alley.  

One of my favourite ways to explore a neighbourhood is by looking for and photographing its walls!

Alberta Avenue is full of Instagram-worthy spots and in June, I led a group of 50 Edmontonians on an Instagrammable wall photo walk along the Ave with my friend Brittney.

We visited just a few of the walls between 93 Street and 84 Street on 118 Avenue.  

There are tons of other murals and art pieces all along the Ave. You’ll find taller murals on the east side of the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts, an alley of murals between Popular Bakery and The Carrot, and lots of other eye-catching pieces on your walk.  

View more photos from the Alberta Avenue Instagrammable wall photo walk and find out information on upcoming walks at the Instagrammable Walls of Edmonton Facebook Group.  

You can also find an ongoing Guide to Instagrammable Walls of Edmonton on my blog.  

Reprinted with permission from Linda Hoang and the Alberta Avenue Business Association.

Featured Image: NORTHERN PACIFIC WALL | 91 St & 118 Ave. A group of around 50 people joined Linda Hoang on a walk along 118 Avenue to check out our Instagrammable walls. |