Hidden Creek Players is a small stage theatre company

Some people take a stab at a dream and give up. For Bernadette Alseth, perseverance is her nature and the third time’s the charm. 

“I’ve been working on this idea for three years. Tried to start it three times and this is the only time it stuck.” In desperate need of a producer, “it was a match when I met Rusti, who indicated her sincere interest in being part of a theatre company and away we went.”

Bernadette Alseth (left) and Rusti Lehay (right) plan to stage four short plays. | Supplied

Alseth discovered her passion for theatre upon taking acting classes through the Foote Theatre School since 2011. She enjoyed the advanced ensemble class for five years. Prior to that, she took classes through the City of Edmonton. “I belonged to a private theatre company doing three musical theatre productions and last summer I was in Nothing After 9:00, a Fringe Theatre production.”

Meeting Alseth when I wrote a story about her father’s cello for the Rat Creek Press was truly a serendipitous encounter. I’m no stranger behind a microphone, but acting will be a fun challenge. Our hopes are to grow, travel, and expand our repertoire of shows. Long-term goals are to produce four performances a year. Each performance will include four different 12-15 minute plays with an intermission for chatting, visiting, snacks, and beverages. Mark your calendars for either the 2 pm matinee or 7 pm show on May 25.

There has been a lot of promotion here on the Avenue for the visual arts, dancing, and music, but not as much for theatre other than the theatre segments that occur along with a wide variety of performing artists in the SkirtsAfire Festival and Thousand Faces Festival. 

Christy Morin (left) and Bernadette Alseth (right) at The Carrot Coffeehouse. Morin is allowing the group to use The Carrot for rehearsals and may act in some of the plays as well. | Rusti Lehay

“We are going to be very unique as a little theatre company growing out of this area,” says Alseth. Highly mobile, the Hidden Creek Players will be available for a variety of opportunities. There are other small coffee houses and interesting venues where the theatre company can perform, and Alseth adds, “We hope to bring [performances] to a BYOV at the Fringe. We aim to keep it small so we can fit in anywhere.” Private homes are also an option, making the possibilities endless.

Naming the group Hidden Creek Players is in synch with the desire to invite local amateur talent to participate. The goal is to give local writers a stage to write 10-15 minute plays as well as invite local amateurs, local talent, and local volunteers to participate.

Bernadette Alseth (left) reads a play through with Kelly Falardeau (right), an author and public speaker. | Rusti Lehay

The first performance will involve three main rehearsals at The Carrot Coffeehouse. For each performance, four short plays with two to three roles means actors will be able to rehearse in their homes or via phone or video conferences, keeping time commitments simple and expedient.  If you need a template for formatting a play, want to know about auditions, have suggestions for a play, want to help with costume acquisitions, wish to learn more about the theatre, or want to participate in one of the offstage positions, contact Lehay or Alseth at hiddencreekplayers@gmail.com.

Featured Image: Bernadette Alseth (left) and Rusti Lehay (right) are the creator and producer of Hidden Players. | Supplied