Finding different ways to enjoy the warm weather


Many typical summer activities are no longer available this year due to the pandemic. However, that doesn’t mean there are no options.

Here’s what RCP contributors and community members plan to do this summer.


Like most people, I feel as though this is a good opportunity to learn a new skill. So, I plan on taking a free online IT workshop. 

  • Jay

Alberta’s countryside, communities, and parks, here I come! Pick any town and head there. Take back roads when possible. Visit museums, parks, lakes, boutiques, second-hand stores, ice cream shops, groceries, historic cairns, cafés. Anything that catches my eye. In Edmonton, I’ll walk or bike, exploring neighbourhoods and parks, galleries, markets, museums. 

  • Constance Brissenden

Garden insanely and get the roof replaced and write my ass off. We also drive to small towns on Sunday and just look from behind glass and leave.

  • Catherine Owen

Planting a large garden, in containers and in the ground. Training in the river valley and all around the city to do the virtual 180 km MS Ride at the end of June, and run a virtual half marathon mid-August. Socially distanced, of course.

  • Dianna Riggs

One: explore the murals in the city. Edmonton has beautiful art in back alleys and side streets that no one sees. I am going out on weekends to walk and take pictures of the murals. Two: kayak on lakes that have motor size restrictions so it is typically peaceful.

  • Donna Nicklason Paliwoda

I will use this opportunity to spend more time in the garden! I have a large plot (30 x 30 feet) and usually don’t have enough time to really give it the TLC it needs. I will also get to spend more time with my cats outside; they only go out supervised on a harness so sometimes it’s hard to take them out for long before I have to do other things. I guess I could spend more time with my husband too, ha ha!

  • Martie Johnston

Less income and restricted camping at provincial parks has forced my family to get creative. So I’ll be pushing my tent trailer into the backyard and enjoying a few backyard camping weekends with my 7 year old.

  • Tammie Beson

I have always wanted to paint a mural on the garage (glorified shed), so we might try and do that this summer with the kids. Plans also include bike rides in the neighbourhood with the kids and lots of gardening at the community garden.

  • Maggie Glasgow

Gardening, writing, and painting our front door bright red! Oh, and canning more stuff than usual, including a piccalilli recipe I want to try.

  • Jane Samson

This summer, I still plan on being active and turning to typical summer activities, but doing so where guidelines are followed. Mountain biking, gardening, walks, camping, travelling, and even drinking a nice cold beer on the deck with the barbecue grilling some steaks.

Sadly, I may be doing a lot of this alone, but there could be other people nearby. Two metres, is it? So maybe not too alone and good times can still be had, even if we are talking mostly through text or FaceTime, or if I see them six feet away. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

  • Mike Enders

Given that I am not volunteering at Folkfest, I plan to go hiking with my son. I also plan to do a day-long bike ride from one end of the city to the other, take a bagged lunch to just sit in Gallagher Park and remember all the music. Then take another day to canoe or kayak from Devon to Edmonton.

  • Rusti L Lehay

Featured Image: Many people plan on gardening this summer. | Pixabay