Alberta Avenue (118 Ave or The Ave) is known for its eclectic collection of murals. We’ve put together a walking tour guide to help you see them all. All these murals can be found along 118 Ave. between 95 Street and 83 Street.

1. Let’s begin with the mural on the west wall of Numo Cannabis just half a block off 118 Ave on 95 St. Painted in 2022 by artist Sowl, the mural is inspired by mother nature.

2. Head north back onto The Ave. Two blocks east, you’ll come to The Carrot Coffeehouse and another mural painted by Sowl. Stop into the cafe to grab a chai latte or a kombucha if you’re thirsty.

3. Half a block down from The Carrot Coffeehouse, tucked away in the alley beside Mama Afro’s Beauty Supply, is a collection of smaller murals. Particularly of interest is the mural on the west side of the alley that climbs up the side of the building like the staircases in the mural itself.

4. Half a block away at Popular Bakery you’ll find an older mural by artist Kris Friesen depicting Portugal “from Madeira to Lisbon…”. The mural is a few steps around the corner to your right.

5. Continuing east down The Ave on 91 St, you’ll come to a large green space with multiple murals. The bright colours on the wall by artist Relfy are intended to warm people up during the cold winter months. Artist AJA Louden painted the sea cans, and the art celebrates the spirit of the community.

6. Another half block east and just around the corner you’ll arrive at the iconic Pho King restaurant and the mural celebrating the delicious Vietnamese pho and the clever naming of the eatery. Artist Josh Naviz (@josh_navizooski) painted the mural.

7. Right across the street from Pho King you’ll see the “Super Diversity” mural by Rahmaan Hameed on the Canadian Dollar Store building. This mural reflects the strength that comes from embracing the diversity of all. On the 118 Ave side of the store, you can see some more murals of various styles in bright colours.

8. Continue east and you’ll find an array of murals by local artist Alexander Boykiw on the Liquor 118 building. The style of art is unique from the other murals on The Ave. Be sure to check out more of his murals on the alley side of the building as well.

9. Only a couple blocks further east you’ll find two murals on the side of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church. These beautifully coloured murals celebrate unity and community.

10.Our last stop on this side of the road is Batista’s Calzones with a wonderfully abstract wall to enjoy. 

11. It’s now time to cross to the north side of the street and turn west. Here you’ll see the vintage looking Professor Marvel mural on the side of the Optimum Auto Service building, created by artists Jade Jordan and Justin Moose.

12. Continuing your saunter up The Ave for a few blocks will lead you to the Crystal Kids Youth Centre and the large mural that wraps around the building. Created by artist Pedro Rodrigues de los Santos, the mural tells stories of diversity and inclusion.

13. One block further you’ll find a small mosaic on the corner of the ATB building that depicts people dancing and jumping. This one is easily missed, yet is a unique piece to take in.

14. Another mural created by the artist Sowl brightens up the side of the Bissell Thrift Shop. The title of this mural is “Ambrosia”, and is intended as a “charging station for people”.

15. Next up is The Avenue Theatre that plays host to a variety of murals that change often, including the iconic Piney P, Edmonton’s unofficial mascot. A memorial to Edmontonian Kevin Stewart, who passed away in 2022, is painted on the west side of the building.

16. The final stop is the Alberta Avenue Community League. A three part mural shows off the cultural diversity of the neighbourhood and the popular festivals that are held here. 

We hope this guide has helped you not only see the murals of The Ave, but also take in the spirit of the community. Happy exploring.